What Is The Verb Of Efficiency?

What is a good synonym for effectively?


How do you use the word efficiency?

Examples of efficiency in a Sentence Because of her efficiency, we got all the work done in a few hours. The factory was operating at peak efficiency. A furnace with 80 percent fuel efficiency wastes 20 percent of its fuel. The company is trying to lower costs and improve efficiencies.

What are the two types of flexibility?

Flexibility exercises stretch your muscles and may improve your range of motion at your joints. There are two types of flexibility exercises: static stretching, in which you stretch a muscle without moving, and dynamic stretching, which combines stretching with movements.

What is efficiently mean?

in an efficient manner: in an efficient manner : with success, competence, or adequate effect working/operating efficiently finding ways to use fuel more efficiently Service is efficiently friendly, and the waitstaff knows the menu inside out.—

What is another word for efficient?

Some common synonyms of efficient are effective, effectual, and efficacious.

What type of word is flexible?

adjective. capable of being bent, usually without breaking; easily bent: a flexible ruler. susceptible of modification or adaptation; adaptable: a flexible schedule.

What are examples of efficiency?

Efficiency is defined as the ability to produce something with a minimum amount of effort. An example of efficiency is a reduction in the number of workers needed to make a car. The ratio of the effective or useful output to the total input in any system. The quality or property of being efficient.

What is job efficiency?

Many companies’ returns are under pressure. This makes it important that employees carry out the correct tasks (effective) in the right way (efficient). By working efficiently, more can be produced with the same amount of input (resources)(1). … Efficiency means ‘doing things in the right way’.

What is the adverb of efficient?

The adverb efficiently has origins in the Latin word efficere, meaning “work out, accomplish.” Efficiently can describe any action that’s done without wasting time, effort, or materials — and still manages to produce the desired outcome.

What is the verb for flexible?

flex. To bend something. To repeatedly bend one of one’s joints.

What is the noun of efficient?


What is efficiency in simple words?

Efficiency signifies a peak level of performance that uses the least amount of inputs to achieve the highest amount of output. Efficiency requires reducing the number of unnecessary resources used to produce a given output including personal time and energy.

What is the noun of flexible?

Other Words from flexible flexibility \ ˌflek-​sə-​ˈbi-​lə-​tē \ noun. flexibly \ ˈflek-​sə-​blē \ adverb.

What is the antonym of efficient?

abortive, inexperienced, lazy, powerless, unqualified, inexpert, inefficient, fragile, inadequate, inept, incompetent, delicate, unable, sluggish, weak, inactive, empty, hollow, unfruitful, inoperative, useless, vain, bootless, worthless, helpless, impotent, incapable, ineffective, unseasoned, idle, unskillful, …

What is simple machine efficiency?

While machines can provide a mechanical advantage of greater than 1.0 (and even less than 1.0 if desired), no machine can never do more mechanical work than the mechanical work put into it. Efficiency. The efficiency of a machine is the ratio between the work it supplies and the work put into it.

Is efficiency a noun or verb?

noun, plural ef·fi·cien·cies. the state or quality of being efficient, or able to accomplish something with the least waste of time and effort; competency in performance.

What is the adjective of efficiency?

The adjective efficient describes function and use with the least amount of waste and most economy. When you want to define the adjective efficient, it’s a good idea to say as much as you can in as few words as possible because to be efficient is to be economical and avoid waste in actions or uses.

Is Efficience a word?

No, efficience is not in the scrabble dictionary.