What Country Invented Badminton?

Who invented badminton Wikipedia?

Badminton traces its history to a game called George Cajoles, which was played in Pune, India in the 19th century by the British military officers stationed there.

This game was taken by retired officers back to England where it developed and quickly grew in popularity..

Which country is famous for badminton?

Whilst badminton is a minority sport in the US it is widely played in Britain, Denmark, Sweden, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea and several other countries. Britain alone has 4 million players, about 8% of the population. As a spectator sport it is very popular in the far east.

What are the 10 rules of badminton?

What are the top 10 rules of badminton?Games are played to 21 points.Matches are best of three games.Every serve there is a point scored.Whichever team wins the rally serves next.Must win by two points.2 minute interval is allowed in between each game of a match.More items…

What is the old name of badminton?

PoonaEarly on, the game was also known as Poona or Poonah after the garrison town of Poona, where it was particularly popular and where the first rules for the game were drawn up in 1873. By 1875, officers returning home had started a badminton club in Folkestone.

Who is father of badminton?

Prakash PadukonePrakash Padukone (born 10 June 1955) is a former Indian badminton player. He was ranked World No. 1 in 1980; the same year he became the first Indian to win the All England Open Badminton Championships….Prakash PadukoneHonoursPadma Shri (1982)

Who is number 1 in badminton?


Who is the richest badminton player?

Top 10 Richest Badminton Players Net Worth 2019Jan O Jorgensen – $49 Million.Lin Dan – $37.5 Million.Lee Chong Wei – $16 Million.Kento Momota – $3-5 Million.Saina Nehwal – $3-5 Million.Chen Long – $1-5 Million.Wang Yihan – $1-5 Million.Chou Tien Chen – $1-5 Million.More items…•

Who is the mother of badminton?

Jwala GuttaJwala Gutta (born 7 September 1983) is an Indian professional badminton player. Beginning in the late 1990s, she represented India at international events in both mixed and women’s doubles.

Who invented badminton?

Invented in India in a version called poona. British army officers learned the game about 1870. In 1873 the duke of Beaufort introduced the sport at his country estate, Badminton, from which the game derives its name.