Quick Answer: Will Mikasa Kill Eren?

Does Eren love Mikasa?


Of course he do, she is like a sister to him.

well if you guys read the manga instead of watching the anime since WIT keeps pushing eremika for some reason, eren has always resented mikasa.

Like, there is always a character in an anime/manga that goes through a phase where they push away the ones they love..

Who is Eren’s girlfriend?

Mikasa AckermanThis is the story of the most tragic “ship” in anime: the fan favorite bond between Eren Yaeger and Mikasa Ackerman (aka “Eremika”) in Attack on Titan. There are several reasons these two heroes never come together as a couple, but the most important ones concern the production and classification of contemporary anime.

Who married historia?

Eren is the last person Historia is going to marry. That is because she is homosexual. And she’s in love with Ymir and they had already planned to get married at one point. From Eren’s side, Mikasa is the one destined to get married to him.

Did Eren get Historia pregnant?

She found a male homo sapien in order not to inherit Zeke’s Titan. When Eren was in Marley (Liberio District) Historia got pregnant.

Will Levi kill Eren?

2 Should: Levi However, Levi has always said that if Eren ever acts without permission and proves to be an enemy to humanity, he would be the one to kill him.

Does Eren really hate Mikasa?

2 Answers. Warning: Some spoilers below. If you look at the succeeding pages of Chapter 112, Eren does indeed say that he hates Mikasa and revealed that he has done so ever since they were kids .

Will Eren and Mikasa end up together?

Eren and Mikasa’s relationship has been defined by their need to protect each other from the cruelties of the world. They indeed love each other. Isayama has always been against the idea of fate; therefore, it is unlikely that they are endgame.

Is Eren Yeager evil?

Eren never really became evil. He was never good to begin with. Even now though, with all of his recent actions, it’s pretty obvious that he never stopped caring about his friends and the people closer to him. … As said by the creator of the series, it’s not his intention to paint one side as evil and one as good.

Do Eren and Historia kiss?

When Eren kissed Historia’s hand during her coronation (year 850), he saw the memories of Grisha Yeager killing the Reiss family (year 845), along with the future memory of Eren that Grisha had seen while fighting Frieda Reiss. … But this is not the reason for Eren looking shocked and angry.

Will Mikasa forgive Eren?

Well, first of all, Mikasa doesn’t really have many things to forgive Eren for. In all honesty, the only thing that’s in her power to forgive is how he treated her from chapter 112 and onwards. If Eren’s reason is anything like Falco’s for protecting Gabi then it won’t take long for Mikasa to forgive him.

Who will kill Eren Yeager?

Naturally, no ordinary John Doe could kill Eren. Out of the Alliance, given their strength and abilities, the three contenders are Mikasa, Levi and Reiner. Levi can be eliminated since his fight seems to be with the Beast Titan.

Did Mikasa and Jean kiss?


Why did Eren betray Mikasa?

Eren false hates Mikasa because he doesn’t believe she truly loves him of her own free will. So Eren openly tells her he hates her because he want to hide his true feelings to her and he doesn’t want to get hurt emotionally.

Is Eren stronger than Levi?

Eren therefore is about 1-4 times stronger than levi …

Does Jean marry Mikasa?

Eren has been protecting the bay with Armin’s titan during this time. Eren is convinced the answer is to invade and attack as soon as possible, but everyone else thinks this would be extremely dangerous. Mikasa says she will never let Eren go alone. Eventually, Mikasa and Jean end up together, alone.