Quick Answer: Who Painted Krishna On Swing?

What is the period of the painting Krishna on Swing?

Bikaner, Rajasthan, dated A.D.

1683, Artist: Nuruddin The painting renders two stages of one episode.

In one of them Krishna is swinging in the house of a Gopi other than Radha.

Radha, on its knowledge, gets offended and retires with a broken heart and with grief to a lonely bower..

Which Colour were used during Mughal period?

Vermilion (mercuric sulphide) and red lead were the most common reds. Many greens were used. The most common was verdigris, copper chloride produced by the reaction of copper metal with salt water. Metallic pigments were also used, including gold in painted powder form, and a tin metal that was silver in color.

Which Colour have been used in the painting Krishna on the swing?

in the background a mound made up of mixture of green yellow colour has been shown . beside the mound both the panels have been shown separately.

What is the shape of the swing in the painting Krishna on Swing?

This painting has two panels– in left side of the upper panel, Krishna has been shown sing on an ornamented base of a hexagonal swing.

What type of face has been depicted in the painting Bani Thani?

Bani Thani is depicted with elegant and graceful features, rather stylized, including arched eyebrows, lotus-like elongated eyes and pointed chin.

Who painted falcon on a bird rest?

Ustad MansurThe painting shown here, Falcon Perched on a Bird Rest (1615), is one of the many paintings that were painted by the Mughal artist, Ustad Mansur.

Who painted Bani Thani?

Nihâl ChandBani Thani/Artists

Who is the Mona Lisa of India?

Bani ThaniOne of the outstanding Miniature paintings of the Kishangarh (from Marwar School) is the portrayal of Bani Thani which means smart and well-dressed. It is said that the painting portrays a singer and poet during the reign of King Savant Singh (1748–1764). She is referred as ‘India’s Mona Lisa’.

How many figures are in Krishna on Swing?

49 figuresThe painting has about 49 figures and different actions are depicted.

What is the time period of Deccan School of Art?

The main period was between the late 16th century and the mid-17th, with something of a revival in the mid-18th century, by then centred on Hyderabad. The high quality of early miniatures suggests that there was already a local tradition, probably at least partly of murals, in which artists had trained.

What color is medium Deccan paint made of?

Deccani colours are rich and luminous, and much use is made of gold and white. The earliest dated manuscript, the Nujūm-ul-ʿulūm of 1570 (“The Stars of the Sciences”; now in the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin), appears to be a product of Bijāpur, which continued to be one of the principal centres of the style.

Which is the most famous painting of Kishangarh painting?

Painting.Shīrāz school.Portrait miniature.

Which painting has been painted by Nuruddin?

KRISHNA ON SWINGThe painting titled ‘KRISHNA ON SWING’ was painted by Nuruddin in 1683 A.D. The painting done in Water colour on paper using the Tempara Technique has been attributed to the Bikaner-Sub School of the Rajasthani Miniature painting. This painting is a pride possession of the National Museum, New Delhi.

Why do we call Rajasthani art as Rajput art?

Rajput painting, also called Rajasthani painting, evolved and flourished in the royal courts of Rajputana in northern India, mainly during the 17th and 18th centuries.

What is Maru Ragini?

SUBJECT MATTER : Maru Ragini is a vertical painting from. Ragamala series. It was painted by the painter of Mewar ( Udaipur) namely Sahibdin. DESCRIPTION : In this vertical painting, the king with his queen is. riding on a camel.