Quick Answer: What Strain Is Blue Dream?

What is Blue Dream strain good for?

With a sweet berry aroma hint of its Blueberry origin, Blue Dream ensures relief without inflicting heavy sedative effects.

This property makes it a useful remedy for pain, nausea, depression and other symptoms requiring a high THC strain..

What strain is like Blue Dream?

Blue Dream and 9 Pound Hammer With a reputation as a daytime strain for beginners, it’s pretty interesting to see the chemical similarities between the famed Blue Dream and the powerful 9 Pound Hammer, a strain that is more commonly chosen as a nighttime smoke.

Is Blue Dream strong?

Blue Dream THC levels typically range in the high teens to low 20’s, so it is a reliably potent strain. Blue Dream is strong without being overpowering like more potent strains, making it a favorite among average consumers looking for a strain that won’t keep them from going about their day.

How much is an ounce of Blue Dream?

While prices vary by city, the current national average for an ounce of Blue Dream is around $265, or about $7 more than you would pay at the beginning of the year….Average Prices for an Ounce of Blue Dream.CityAverage CostAmountPhoenix$250OunceSan Francisco$314Ounce4 more rows•Apr 24, 2018