Quick Answer: What Is The Abstract Noun Of Enjoy?

What is the abstract noun for obey?

obedienceThe abstract noun form of the verb “obey” is obedience..

How do you use the verb enjoy?

I enjoyed myself at the party. I enjoyed at the party.Thanks. I really enjoyed it. Thanks. I really enjoyed.I enjoy playing basketball. I enjoy to play basketball.I enjoy reading very much. I enjoy very much reading.I hope you enjoy your trip. I hope you enjoy with your trip.

What can I say instead of enjoy?


What type of verb is like?

“Like” is not only a verb, it can also be used as a preposition, as a suffix, and in some cases, it can even be used as a conjunction. When “like” is used as a preposition, it means ‘similar to”, and in this case, it usually goes with verbs related to the senses, such as look, sound, or feel.

When to Use enjoy or enjoys?

person. I enjoy ….” But for the sentence as written person is third person, so “enjoys” is the correct form.

What is the abstract noun for hate?

hatredOriginally Answered: What is the abstract noun for hate? It’s hatred.

What is the abstract noun for angry?

In the case of the adjective “angry,” we can take that same idea and express it with the abstract noun “anger.” This noun is…

What is a better word for Delighted?

Delighted Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for delighted?happyin seventh heavenjoyousthrilledelatedeuphoricoverjoyedcaptivatedenrapturedgratified154 more rows

What means delighted?

1 obsolete : delightful. 2 : highly pleased was delighted to see her friend.

What is the noun form of enjoy?

enjoy is a verb, enjoyable is an adjective, enjoyment is a noun:I enjoy old movies.

What is the abstract noun of kind?

KINDNESSThe abstract noun of kind is “KINDNESS”.

What kind of word is delighted?

Joy; pleasure. Something that gives great joy or pleasure.

What is the verb of delightful?

verb. delighted; delighting; delights. Definition of delight (Entry 2 of 2) intransitive verb. 1 : to take great pleasure delighted in playing the guitar.

What is the abstract noun for move?

movementMove can be used both as a noun and as a verb. Thus, the abstract noun of move is ‘movement. ‘

Is age an abstract noun?

Answer. I.e Age is abstract noun of Age.

Is money an abstract noun?

money is an abstract noun hence, it is an uncountable noun.

What is the abstract noun for?

An abstract noun is a noun that refers to an intangible concept such as an emotion, a feeling, a quality, or an idea. … It is sometimes helpful to think of an abstract noun as a word that names something that you cannot see, hear, touch, smell, or taste (i.e., something you cannot perceive with one of your five senses).

Is importance an abstract noun?

Abstract Noun. Though an abstract noun doesn’t convey things we can experience with our senses – we can’t feel, touch, see, hear, or taste them – they allow us to express important meaning, nonetheless.