Quick Answer: What Does The Phrase Top Down Mean?

What does live mean in slang?


cool, crunk, dope, fun, awesome.

See more words with the same meaning: good, okay, cool, awesome, fun..

What does watered mean?

watered in American English 1. sprinkled with water. 2. supplied with water; having streams.

What does the idiom have a conniption fit?

To become very or unreasonably angry or upset; to have an outburst of rage, frustration, or ill temper. My mom’s going to have a conniption fit when she sees what happened to the car!

What does the phrase watered down mean?

also watered down. 1. adjective. If you describe something such as a proposal, speech, or statement as watered-down, you mean that it is weaker or less forceful than its original form.

What does top down mean in finance?

Top-down investing is an approach that focuses first on macroeconomic factors such as the performance of a national economy or broad industry sectors to guide investment choices. Top-down can be contrasted to bottom-up investing, which focuses instead on the performance and fundamentals of individual companies.

What does it mean to live by something?

1 : to agree with and follow (something, such as a set of beliefs) He tried to live by his faith. a principle I try to live by. 2 : to survive by (doing something) They were an ancient people who lived by hunting and gathering.

What is the meaning of live and live?

Life is a noun. Eg… “I have a great life.” “I wish you a long life.” Live is an adjective ( “The band is live.”) and a verb — “He lives in Ireland.” … I’m learn from your teaching grammar such “noun” are person,place,things. which one of this of life.

What does live up to your name mean?

In this case living up to one’s name means to act in accordance with one’s reputation, regardless of what one’s actual name is.

What are the advantages of top down approach?

The advantage of this approach is that decisions can be made and implemented very quickly. This is particularly important when time is limited. The other benefit of top-down project planning is that it helps align the project goals with the organization’s strategic goals as upper management is giving the directions.

Can water get watered down?

Well not with water obviously so it could not be a pure solution but you could make it less water per se by mixing it with any water miscible liquid like methanol, acetone or ethanol for a couple. So you could say water was watered down with something but then it would not really be water anymore.

What does top down approach mean?

Top-down analysis generally refers to using comprehensive factors as a basis for decision making. The top-down approach seeks to identify the big picture and all of its components. These components are usually the driving force for the end goal. Top-down is commonly associated with the word “macro” or macroeconomics.

What does live up mean?

DEFINITIONS1. 1. (live up to something) to be as good as what was expected or promised. The breathtakingly beautiful scenery certainly lived up to expectations.

What is top down approach example?

Public Health: The top-down approach in public health deals with programs that are run by whole governments of intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) that aid in combating worldwide health-related problems. HIV control and smallpox eradication are two examples of top-down policies in the public health sphere.

What does the phrase live it down mean?

to make people forget that you made a big mistake or did something very embarrassing in the past: If you show up with green hair, your parents will never let you live it down.