Quick Answer: Does Omnisphere Have 808s?

What artists use omnisphere?

81Martin Garrix.

When asked about his favorite plugins/VSTs on his Instagram stories, Martin Garrix includes Omnisphere.


In this tweet, deadmau5 asks Spectrasonics a question about Omnisphere 2, just after stating that he bought it.Steve Aoki.

The Chainsmokers.

Metro Boomin.

Patrick Stump..

What sound is omnisphere?

The Omnisphere core library is ten times the size of Atmosphere – over 40 gigabytes! There are currently almost 7,000 different sounds to work with – soundsources, patches and multis – with more being added all the time. Does it contain all the sounds of the original Atmosphere? Yes!

Is omnisphere worth the money?

Omnisphere is definitely well worth the money and a beast when it comes to VST Synths that have tremendous capabilities to create unique sounds. It gives you a huge amount of neat presets that are good for any kind of modern music right now.

Is omnisphere overrated?

Omnisphere is a bit overrated in my opinion. It’s great if you make EDM but I make R&B and soulful hip-hop. I don’t really need that big of a library of “synthy” sounds. … But I have a lot of synths that I prefer over Omnisphere because I can get right to the sound I want without scrolling through a million presets.

Is omnisphere good for hip hop?

Omnisphere is great for anything, including hip-hop. Lot’s of both more organic and synthetic type sounds.