Quick Answer: Can I Fill Two DU Forms?

Can I edit my DU form?

To edit the details, candidates will need to log in by entering application number and password.

Students should note that they can make the necessary changes to their application form in the Class 12 Marks that are included as part of DU application form.

Click on the direct link to edit details in the form..

How is DU cutoff calculated?

At least 50% marks in the aggregate of any three of the following subjects: At least one subject: Physics/Chemistry, Biology/Biotechnology/ and other Subjects (as listed in Academic/ Elective subjects for DU Admissions table mentioned below), except languages.

What is DU fee after payment?

If you meet the required eligibility and if the College finds your documents in order, the College will “Approve” your admission. After the approval is done by the College you are required to pay the fee through your dashboard. Once the payment is successfully done you will receive a confirmation email.

Can I get admission in DU with 75 %?

DU Admission with a score between 75% and 90% Offer inclination to the course and take confirmation any place you meet the cutoff in first rundown. … You will likewise be qualified to sit for entrance tests for various courses in DU.

Can I fill both merit and entrance based in DU?

A. Yes, the candidates can register for both merit based and entrance based courses using a single online registration form. In the entrance tab if the applicant selects ‘YES’ for entrance based courses then the applicant is applying for both merit based and selected entrance based courses.

Can we edit du form after submission?

Q 4 Is it possible to change/update the information provided by the applicant in the online application form, once the fee is submitted? … Yes, the applicant can change/update information till the last date of registration with the correction fees of Rs 100.

What is the cutoff of DU 2020?

St. Stephen’s College Cut off 2020ProgrammeGeneralEWSBA (Hons.) English96-97.7593-96.75BA (Hons.) Sanskrit71-7367-69B.Com (Hons.)95-98.2595-97BSc. Life Science93.75-95.6688-911 more row•Oct 14, 2020

What is the last date of registration in DU?

The DU result 2020 for UG entrance based admission has been announced on October 14. DU UG entrance based admission merit list 2020 for three rounds has been released on October 26, November 2 and November 9….DU Admission Dates.EventDateLast date of online application submission (UG/PG)August 31, 2020 (Till 5 pm)24 more rows•Dec 28, 2020

Can I take admission in two colleges?

If a candidate has got admission in a college and wants to take admission in a different college, all he has to do is withdraw the first admission, a process that involves writing a simple application. A number of candidates, however, take admission in a different course and then withdraw the first admission.

Who can apply in special cut off of DU?

Students who made it to the first 5 cut-offs, but couldn’t take admission, can apply in the special cut-off round.

How do I apply for more than one course in DU?

Q 3 Can I apply in multiple programmes/courses in an online form? Ans. Yes, you may select all programmes/courses of your interest through a single online registration form. It is important to note that you can apply in all merit based as well as entrance based courses through the same online application.

Are DU forms out for 2020?

The University of Delhi has released the application form of DU admission 2020 on June 20. The authority provides a common DU application form for all the courses offered in the 90 affiliated DU colleges. … Stephen’s College registration is available from July 7 till August 31, 2020.

Is IP better than DU?

Delhi University is the best university in the country and is much better than ipu in all terms. It gives a lot more exposure and opportunities to the students. Also the faculty is well experienced and helpful. Delhi University is also the most popular university.

How do I edit an application after submission?

No. Once you start filling in the application form, you can save it as many times as needed. You do not have to complete it and submit it in one go. However, once you have submitted the form, you cannot change it any more.

Can I get admission in DU with 80?

Apart from the most popular colleges, many other popular DU colleges set their first cut-off between 80-90%. Students who scored 80-90% in Class 12 can apply to these colleges.

What to do after DU cut off is released?

What after DU Cut off is Declared?Step 1: Candidate will be required to log in to their portal and select the programme and college to generate the application form for admission.Step 2: Once the candidates have the application form, they have to visit the college for admissions with the following documents:More items…•

What is DU merit based admission?

The University of Delhi, through its affiliated colleges, offers merit-based admissions i.e admissions based on the student’s aggregate percentage marks in 12th board exams, under various streams of studies.

How can I pay Du fees after admission?

STEPS TO PAY THE FEES FOR DU ADMISSION Click on the link. The total fees will appear on the screen. Select the option of payment- Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking. Enter the relevant details and complete the fee payment process.