Question: Why Is Prospero Remorseful?

Why was Ariel summoned all of a sudden?

Ans: Ariel has been summoned all of a sudden because he had been asked by Prospero to bring every single other soul who had helped him in his task.

Riffraff alludes to every single other soul which had helped Prospero in his prior tasks..

Why does Prospero have more feelings for his wrong doers than Ariel?

Ans: Prospero has more feelings for his wrong doers than Ariel because Ariel is a spirit but Prospero being a human like them as sensitive has more feelings than Ariel. Prospero feeling deeply hurted due to the injustice done to him.

Why did Prospero abruptly end the Revels?

Ans: Prospero abruptly ends the revel because he suddenly remembers the plot of Trinculo, Sebastian, and Caliban to murder him.

Who did Prospero forgive?

At the end of the play, Prospero, forgives Alonso and Antonio but does not forgive Caliban. Caliban attempts to murder Prospero but Prospero does not punish him but also doesn’t forgive him. He instead tells him to go back to his cell and to do more work.

Who is Prospero talking to in the epilogue?

Prospero releases Alonso and his companions from their spell and speaks with them. He forgives Antonio but demands that Antonio return his dukedom. Antonio does not respond and does not, in fact, say a word for the remainder of the play except to note that Caliban is “no doubt marketable” (V.i.269).

Why is Miranda’s virginity important to Prospero?

Answer. Answer: Prospero seems preoccupied with Miranda’s virginity because it is inextricably bound up with Prospero’s own power. … Virginity was often an important bargaining point‹most notably, for Queen Elizabeth, who used her eligibility to gain a great deal of power throughout her reign.

How does Prospero show that everything on earth has an end?

Prospero shows that everything on earth has an end by saying that l0ike the unsubstantial pageant that has melted into air by leaving no trace behind, the cloud-capped towers, gorgeous palaces Page 7 and solemn temples and the world itself will vanish.

Does Prospero forgive Sebastian?

Prospero, perhaps unwillingly, also says that he forgives Antonio and Sebastian, though he calls them “wicked” and expresses his reservations about letting them off the hook.

Why does Caliban kill Prospero?

Caliban believes that Prospero treats him unnecessarily cruelly and accuses him of stealing the island from him. He thinks the island is his birthright because his mother was there first. … When Caliban meets Trinculo and Stephano, he tries to convince them to kill Prospero and take the island from him.

Why is Cupid said to be waspish headed?

He is waspish- headed because he stings by hitting people with his arrows which make them fall in love. As their plan failed Cupid broke all his arrows and sworn that he would never shoot them again.

Who are the rabble that Prospero orders Ariel to bring before him?

Prospero summons Ariel and tells him to “Go bring the rabble, / O’er whom I gave thee power, here to this place:” (go bring over the rabble of men over whom I gave you power to control before me), telling Ariel to make them come quickly (Line 36).

What motivates us forgiveness?

Forgiving can reduce unhealthy anger. To repair relationships as it helps me to see the other’s worth. To grow in character because it can help me to become a better person. To be of assistance, within reason, toward the one who acted unjustly.

Why is Alonso sad?

Why is Alonso feeling depressed and sad? Alonso is grieving the supposed loss of his son Ferdinand. … Sebastian and Antonio are rude and insensitive to Alonso.

What has Caliban done annoy Prospero?

Caliban was annoyed with Prospero because before the arrival of Prospero on the island Caliban was the owner and the ruler of the island but now Prospero made him his servant. He made Caliban do all the works like fetching firewood and if Caliban disobeys him then he tortures him with the help of his spirits …….

Why does Prospero choose to forgive his enemies?

Ariel, Prosperos magical servant has obeyed him loyally, but says that if he was human (as he is a Sprite) he would have forgiven his enemies. Hearing this Prospero feels guilty and releases them from his spells and forgives them for wronging him, so that his daughter can get married to.

Why does Prospero ask the audience for forgiveness?

There was treason and sorcery along with the message that lesser people may usurp titles in The Tempest. Shakespeare is getting old at this time as well when he wrote this and he is asking for an overall forgiveness that he feels he needs from everyone that he deceives.