Question: What Does Procreative Mean?

What is procreative power?

Having the power or function of procreating; reproductive; generative; having the power to beget..

What does non procreative mean?

nonprocreative (not comparable) Not procreative. nonprocreative sex.

What is procreation in marriage?

marriage is oriented to procreation, that is, procreation is a purpose of, a. reason for, marriage. Marriage is a naturally procreative relationship in. the sense that a central purpose of and reason for marriage is to provide. the environment most suited to the bearing and raising of children.

What is procreative health?

June 29, 2011. Procreative Health is the moral obligation of parents to have the healthiest children through all natural and artificial means available. Different Theories Creation is the making of all things from nothing, by an act of God, at some time in the past.