Question: Is Du Degree Valuable?

Is Du really good?

After all, DU attracts the crème de la crème of the Indian student crowd.

It is consistently ranked as one of the best universities in India, some colleges more so than others, and even vice-president Hamid Ansari recently said that DU should be seen as a benchmark for all other universities in India..

Is Du better than IIT?

DU beat the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, which had a world rank of 399 and a score of 43.6. Third best in the country and 470 in the world, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, got 43.27 marks.

Are evening colleges in DU good?

Evening colleges not just admit more ambitious students but also offer great career opportunities. Most of the evening colleges report 100% campus placement. A good performance record has been set by the students as most of them are involved in part-time jobs and internships.

What is the difference between morning and evening colleges in DU?

The only difference between morning and evening College is their timings and nothing else. Morning colleges are from 8:30 or 9am to 2or 3pm, some colleges like knc and gargi further extends the timetable til 5:30pm. Evening Colleges are from 3 to 6:30/7pm and luckily they don’t extend their classes.

Is North Campus overrated?

As people from various states harbour the most of north campus, thus it fails to have the crème class of Delhi. … If you focus on colleges like Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, Lady Sri Ram, Venkateshwar, they are amongst the top colleges of Delhi University for their quality of education.

What happens if I don’t get admission in DU?

Most of the students, who are unable to meet the stratospheric DU cut-off criteria in courses and colleges of their choice, prefer to drop a year for other entrance exams.

Is Du better than Pu?

DU is much more vibrant, it has a national character and there is no competition between Panjab University and DU.” … It is because the international universities see the rankings of the Institute, the student studied from and PU has a good ranking, whereas DU was nowhere in the International rankings.”

Is Panjab University a deemed university?

Most universities in India are either Central Universities, State Universities, or ‘deemed’ universities. But Panjab University is neither of them! … After the reorganization of Punjab in 1966, PU has been functioning as an inter-state body between Punjab and Chandigarh.

How is Panjab University Quora?

The main campus is too good and clean. The environment over there is joyful and pleasant and teacher’s are very good, they love to help students. Hostel facilities are also good. Being a Chandigarhian I found that Panjab University is a better place to do Higher studies.

Which evening college is best in DU?

Delhi University Evening Colleges Seat Matrix: List of Evening Colleges in DUTable of Contents.List of Delhi University Evening Colleges – Course..Motilal Nehru College Evening.Dyal Singh Evening College.PGDAV Evening College.Shyam Lal Evening College.Satyawati Evening College.Sri Aurobindo Evening College.More items…•

What is Evening College in DU?

Evening colleges allow students to earn for their living and educational expenses while learning. Another advantage is that evening college provides you ample of time for preparing competitive exams like CS, CA, CAT for which morning college students often miss lectures.

Is it worth studying in DU?

DU is one of the best universities in India to pursue UG education. With more than 77 colleges affiliated to it, the university offers over 60,000 seats in different programmes. Getting admission in the Delhi University is a matter of pride as it is one of the oldest and most reputed universities in India.

Is Du worth the hype?

Unless there is a significant improvement of the current state of all DU colleges, this institution will never be worthy of its hype. … Placement Cells which in private colleges is the most important unit of the institution is treated like just another student-run society in DU.

Which campus of DU is best?

Top 25 DU CollegesS.No.Name of the CollegeCampus1St. Stephen’s CollegeNorth2Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR)South3Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC)North4Sri Venkateswara CollegeSouth21 more rows•Oct 19, 2020