Is Government Compulsory For Commercial Student?

What is the subject for art student?

Usually, some of the major arts subjects include Economics, History, Political Science, Geography, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Computer Science, Hindi, Regional language, etc.

and students are asked to select a combination provided by their school and education board..

What course can I study with e8 in government?

The Suggested courses to study with E8 in GovernmentAccounting.Banking and Finance.Business Administration.Business Management.Cooperative and Rural Development.Demography and Social Statistics.Geography.Urban and regional planning.More items…•

What are the subjects for commercial students?

The best subject combination for Commercial StudentsEnglish Language.Civic Education.Economics.Accounting.Commerce.Biology or Agriculture or Geography.Government.A trade subject.

Is government compulsory for Business Administration?

The O’level subject combination and requirements needed to study Business Administration; You require; Five SSCE credit including English, Mathematics, Economics, plus any two of Accounting, Business Methods, Commerce, Government, Geography, and Statistics.

What are the compulsory subject in arts?

The compulsory subjects are English, Hindi and Computers….Geography.History.Civics.Sociology.Mathematics.Psychology.Sanskrit.Political science.More items…•

What are the main subject for law?

JAMB Subject Combination For Law Use of English. Government/CRS/IRS. Literature in English. Any other social science subjects e.g Commerce, Economics.

Which course is best for art student?

Here are the 10 Best Art courses to study in Nigeria:Mass Communication. This is definitely one of the best art courses to study in Nigerian Universities. … English Language. … Economics. … Literature in English. … Law. … Criminology and Security Studies. … Theatre Arts. … Music.More items…•

Can I study political science without economic?

Yes! It is true that you can study Political Science without Economics but there is more to this answer. … But if a course requires Economics as a compulsory subject combination, then it is expected that you must have credit… Don’t let anyone deceive you.

What subject do I need to study political science?

Some universities will identify subjects which they recommend students to study before applying for a politics degree. These will typically be humanities and social science subjects such as economics, history, geography, modern languages, philosophy and sociology.

Which course can I study without economics as a commercial student?

ART COURSES TO STUDY WITHOUT ECONOMICSArabic and Islamic Studies.Christian Religious Studies.English and Literary Studies.Fine and Applied Arts.Foreign Languages and Literature.French.Hausa.History and International Studies.More items…

Is biology compulsory for art student in Waec?

Is Biology Compulsory For Art Student in Waec? A direct answer to this question is “NO” biology is not a compulsory subject for art students, biology is completely optional and as an art student, you can decide if or not to add it to your list as you can also replace it with Geoprahphy or Agricultural science.

Which course can I study without government?

Courses that you can study without GovernmentAccounting.Banking and Finance.Business Administration.Business Management.Cooperative and Rural Development.Demography and Social Statistics.Geography.Industrial Relations.More items…•